Trotteur (youpala(c) )
Miniature from a Psalter: MS 330.iv

DECORATION: Full-page circular miniature framed in tan and outlined in black on blue and reddish brown ground with concentric circles containing foliate ornament and gold ground ornamented with punched dots: Wheel of Fortune, with crowned female personification of Fortune enthroned at the centre, turning the wheel, which is surrounded by eight semi-circular compartments depicting the story of Theophilus (clockwise from top right): the tonsured clerk Theophilus, holding scroll inscribed INCIPIT YSTORIA THEOPILI, is dismissed from his post; half-naked, seated Theophilus, holding scroll inscribed IN PAUP[ER]TATE DESPERO, lamenting his impoverished state; naked Theophilus makes pact with the devil; Theophilus enthroned, with his fortune restored by the devil, and flanked by demons; repentant Theophilus, holding scroll inscribed MISERE MISERI DIABOLO CAR[TAM] FECI, prays to the Virgin whose scroll reads MARIA AD TEOPHILUM; the Virgin with scroll reading S[AN]CTA MARIA retrieves charter from the devil; Theophilus kneels before the Virgin who gives him the charter; Theophilus’ body lies in tomb while angels transport his soul to heaven. Sixteen subsidiary scenes in two medallions (centre top and bottom), and fourteen semi-circular compartments around the outer edge of the wheel show the Ages of Man (clockwise from bottom left): woman with baby approached by female figure, possibly Fortune, holding scroll inscribed INCIPIT ROTA FORTU[N]E; toddler pushing wheeled cart; youth with bow and quiver; young man holding scroll inscribed [RURSUS AD ASTRA] FEROR; young man with sceptre; bearded man with staff; bearded man holding sceptres; enthroned king with scroll reading GLOR[I]E [E]LATUS; king with broken sceptre and crown toppling from head; man falling to his knees, cloak in disarray; man falling downwards; man falling headlong downwards with scroll inscribed DE[S]CENDO [MIN]ORIFICATUS; half-naked man, wringing his hands as he falls; half-naked man plunges down; man falls on his back; half-naked man lies naked on ground with scroll emerging from his mouth inscribed INFIMUS AXA TENOR.

source : The Fitzwilliam Museum (2020) « Cutting (manuscript) » Web page available at: Accessed: 2021-10-31 11:42:55